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5 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Car accidents are never enjoyable. Even a minor fender bender can result in a lot of money and lost time while your car is being repaired. Serious accidents can result in injury and hospitalization. It can sometimes be even worse.

Every accident cannot be avoided. They are sometimes caused by the carelessness of others or by forces beyond your control. However, by taking a few simple precautions, you can avoid being at fault for an accident and minimize the harm done to you and your loved ones.

Tip #1. Don’t drink and drive.

Drinking and driving is still the leading cause of fatal accidents in America today, and it is also the most easily avoidable cause of fatal accidents. You can't stop someone who is drunk from hitting you, but you can avoid driving after drinking. Even if you're not drunk, having "just one drink" slows your reaction time. After the party, designate a driver or arrange for a rideshare.

The same is true of recreational drugs. Leaving aside the legality of marijuana possession, "buzzed" driving is the same as drunk driving. There is no way to know whether it improves or has no effect on your driving until it happens. Take a taxi.

Tip #2: Follow the traffic laws.

There are speed limits, no passing lanes, and other restrictions for a reason. According to the NHTSA, high-speed driving contributes to about a quarter of all collisions because it shortens your response time and distance. Passing on blind curves, taking corners too quickly, and other minor violations can lead to major accidents if someone else is traveling in the opposite direction.

Tip #3: Maintain the condition of your vehicle.

Nothing is more frightening than losing your brakes in traffic. Brake failure almost always results in a collision with another vehicle. Bald tires squeak when they come into contact with water or oil. If you don't top off the coolant, your radiator will overheat in the middle of rush hour. Keeping your car in good working order is an important part of staying safe.

Tip #4: Avoid being an aggressive driver.

Road rage incidents are all too common in today's news. They appear to occur most frequently when someone becomes enraged at another driver who "cuts them off" in traffic. You can't control what other people think about your driving, but you can control your own. Don't intentionally cut off another driver. Avoid the temptation to hit someone who is tailgating you. If you believe someone is following you, do not confront them under any circumstances. Call 911 and ask for police help.

Tip #5: Never text and drive.

It is not only illegal, but it is quickly overtaking drinking as the leading cause of accidents in the United States. Texting and talking on a cell phone are both prohibited in Louisiana unless the phone is used hands-free. Maintain your focus on the road in front of you.


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